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Hand Holding Bag

What is Degenz?

Degenz is an online community of degenerates punting around crypto and NFTs. We write daily market updates for our members and produce multiple weekly NFT reports on specific projects.

We're a relaxed community and encourage all new members, whether you're a first-timer or a crypto veteran!

Access Pass

Degenz Access Pass (DAP)

Crypto Reports Access

Gated NFT and Crypto Reports

We have a team of eight analysts writing reports on NFT projects and crypto tokens for DAP holders. Reports range from 3-10 pages in length, and present a detailed and balanced view of each project.

Discord Lock

Access to our exclusive Discord channels

DAP holders gain access to gated Discord channels which provide further benefits, including a daily market update and the chance to participate in NFT allowlists and giveaways.


Access to the Degenz Network

Our community includes a wide range of experts in their fields; Wall Street traders, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs and artists, to name a few!


Exclusive NFT drops

We work closely with artists to deliver free or low cost NFT drops. DAP holders get first priority to these allowlists.

Access Pass
Crypto Reports Access

Degenz & Re-Genz Avatars

Degenz is the original profile picture collection from when the Degenz online community started.

Re-Genz is the secondary profile picture collection.

Holding either Degenz or Re-Genz does NOT unlock any access to gated content. Degenz and Re-Genz were airdropped DAPs on June 14th 2022.


How do I buy a Degenz Access Pass?

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Can I access the NFT resources with a Degenz or Re-Genz pfp?

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Can I preview a sample NFT report?

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What is included in the gated sections of the Discord?

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How do I access the NFT reports?

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